Efek kebanyakan gombal dan bahasa inggris ngawur

Friday, July 6, 2007, 1:29 in Garing & Gak Penting - 0 Comments

ini imajiner saja yaaaaaa,…

– be mine, coz im yours,..
+ no, you be mine, i am totally yours
– yea rite, since when ?
+ since the first time,
– hence, what first time ?
+ since the first time your chestnut eye winkin at me ?
– did i ?
+ crap ! 😛
– hehehe, if im yours, what’s next ?
+ swear to god, i dont fu*kin know, one thing 4 sure, this heart screamin your name,..
– if i tell you i can hear it, would you believe me ?
+ cantik, harusnya ini bagian aku yang gombalin kamu bukan ?
– harusnya, sayangnya kamu kelamaan ?
+ falling in love is easy, but not with you, and not this time,
– L.I.A.R
+ if i open my pandora, there’s no turning back
– so be it, i’m tired of waiting you know
+ im sorry, i am. 4 the waiting
– it’s my fault, i’m drowned in you, i’m lost at you, i’m thirsty of you
+ tonite, i’ll walk you, over the rainbow, towards the stars, you and me
– tonight beyond the clouds, between the moon, we dance
+ like sony and cher ?
– yaiks, saiful jamil & dewi persik aja deh
+ awful 🙁
– you start it 😛
+ if there’s life after death, will you remember me ?
– if there’s life after death my love ?
+ he’eh
– i don’t know,..
+ kamu gak romantis, you should say yes,..
– ih maksa, would you ?
+ would what ?
– remember me ?
+ objection!, thats my line
– would you ?
+ anything, anytime, everything, everywhere, with you, god knows
– blitzkrieg ! now i’m speechless
+ dearless, you are so dear to me, without you im less
– semakin speechless
+ be mine, will ya
– im your’s as always

heleh naon sih inih, ahik ahik

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